Generally Office 365 is seen or focused on technology sectors or administrative areas by users, but it is really a tool that adapts to almost any type of business, thanks to its ability to understand the basic and fundamental needs of each sector, so yes, it also applies to health and here we will mention some advantages.

Without a doubt office 365 optimizes many processes in several sectors in this case for the health sector has some advantages:

Facilitates communication between offices or staff:

It allows to streamline communication between headquarters, staff and also with the patient through accessible chats and intuitive interfaces for all types of users.

Facilitates the exchange and consultation of archives: With its powerful search engines we can find any file, documents, medical history, etc. We also have the possibility to share such information with colleagues, patients or superiors in a simple and practical way.

Facilitates distance attention: Thanks to applications such as Microsoft Teams, we will be able to make voice and video calls with a high transmission quality, with which, attending to a patient remotely will be a very simple and fast task.

Facilitates the document management of patients: Forget to search in folders or filing cabinets that contain thousands of folders, with all your documents in the cloud, you have the security, privacy and practicality to interact with the information, you can have your medical records ordered and available whenever and from wherever you want, as well as updated data for everyone in real time.

Knowing these advantages we can infer that office 365 supplies a wide range of current needs for many of today's sectors, making it a fundamental tool for each company and that can be applied in many ways depending on the need, as an adaptable tool.

Because the healthcare industry is governed by many laws because of their critical nature, Microsoft 365 ensures compliance with document management, protection of patient information or law HIPAA.

Microsoft it proactively helps us comply with this law by ensuring the confidentiality, security and privacy of patient information through its tools for that purpose.

Luis Chamorro Mercado

Support Analyst Level II